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We deliver engaging, informative and interactive workshops to inspire employees to make simple but powerful changes to their diet and lifestyle. Choose from a collection of educational seminars filled with practical and science-based evidence.
Our standalone workshops provide you with the flexibility and choice to build and manage your own programme. Formats include Workshops, Wellbeing Days, Courses, Classes & Individual Appointments.

Below is a selection of some of our most popular Signature Workshops. To learn more about the full collection then please get in touch.
Eat Yourself Healthy - Eat for Energy & Productivity
  • Workplace Wellness – why it is important
  • Enhance your energy – how to eat for better energy & productivity
  • Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat & Fibre – the breakdown and portion sizes
  • The do’s & don’ts of office eating
  • Healthy habit take away
Mental Health – The Profound Role of Nutrition 
  • The link between food sensitivities and poor mental health
  • The mind-gut connection
  • The role of inflammation in depression & anxiety
  • Essential raw ingredients that your body needs to make “happy hormones”
  • How to nourish the microbiome
Stress– How to Build Stress Resilience through Nutrition
  • The human stress response
  • How stress affects the body
  • Common unknown triggers
  • Necessary nutrients to build resilience
  • Nutrients that are depleted by chronic stress
  • Foods and drinks that should be avoided
  • Tricks & Trips to support your body through stress