At NutriGX, we are passionate about the use of functional testing as a preventative measure. Instead of waiting for symptoms of ill health to develop, we use testing to detect and pinpoint the root cause of an individual’s health symptoms.

This biological assessment allows us to personalise recommendations, suggest appropriate referrals and provide the bespoke support your team needs to flourish.



  • Blood Test – Full Comprehensive - NutriGX’s Full Comprehensive Blood Test checks standard blood testing markers alongside speciality markers such as B12, Vitamin D, HBA1C (Diabetes) and Iron.


  • Genetic Test – Nutrient Core - NutriGX’s Nutrient Core Genetic Test examines the following, which are influenced by each individual's genes: Food response, Vitamin Need and Metabolism, plus many more!


  • Stool Test – Microbiome Health – NutriGX’s Microbiome Health check reveals the health of your microbiome, which can in turn aid individuals in optimising their digestion, targeting parasites, candida, bacterial imbalance and more.


We offer on-site drop-in clinics for employees with one of our private nutritionists. This provides employees with the opportunity to discuss individual issues such as digestive problems, low mood, food allergies or poor sleep.

Our on-site drop-in clinics include:

  • Online booking service
  • Private mini-consultations (usually lasting 15-20 minutes)
  • Follow-up emails with consultation notes.

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