We are living in an epidemic of work-related physical and mental stress with record levels of absence, presenteeism and mental health-related illness.
We can enhance your employee health and performance with our personalised 360-degree wellbeing programmes.
Our 12-month programmes provide a structured approach to build a healthier workplace.


Annual Wellness Programme Design

The NutriGX method

STEP 1 - Discussion & Planning

Developing a health and wellbeing strategy can feel overwhelming. The NutriGX team will work with you to ensure we create the most effective programme for your business and employees. 

We evaluate your employee's demographic information, barriers to entry and health concerns before formulating a bespoke strategy for your employees.

STEP 2 - Building Awareness

Making health and wellbeing services available to your employees will have a positive effect on both your workforce and your business. Nutrigx will work with your team to help build engaging communications to entice and excite your team to join!

STEP 3 -  Achieving  Results

The success of your wellbeing strategy relies on producing positive behavioural change within your teams.


This entails communication, consistent engagement, a dependable and empathetic relationship between your staff and the Nutrigx team and most importantly, exciting, engaging and informative content every time. 

STEP 4 - Measuring the Benefits

Prior to commencing your workplace wellbeing strategy, we can host an introductory talk and follow with an employee survey, so that we can measure the current health concerns, productivity levels, wellbeing markers and employee reflections.

Prior to our final workshop, we send out an evaluation survey to review and measure how your employee's health, well-being and happiness has transformed.

This gives the employer effective, qualitative measurement, that will not only give you the measurements to justify the financial investment but will assess the impact your health and wellbeing strategy has had, individually and collectively.





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