We believe wellbeing starts in the workplace.

We are living in an epidemic of work related physical and mental stress with record levels of absence, presenteeism and mental health related illnesses.

Our aim is to educate and empower organisations and their employees to take control of their physical and psychological health and take steps to lead a more balanced, healthy and productive life.

Annual Wellbeing Programmes

Enhance your team's health, productivity. performance and happiness with our 360° Personalised Wellbeing Programmes...

Workshops & Seminars

Choose from a menu of inspiring and educational seminars, that provide both practical advice and the latest scientific research to help boost your teams health.

Testing & Consultations

Provide your employees with unique insights into their health by using functional testing including genetic and blood testing or book in a pop-up Nutrition Clinic.

Clarissa & Hannah are passionate about educating employees to discover and celebrate nutritious food, enabling anyone to utilise and benefit from food and lifestyle choices in order to reach their optimum state of wellbeing.
Clarissa Lenherr

Clarissa Lenherr

Co-Founder & Nutritional Therapist

Clarissa Lenherr is a registered nutritional therapist having graduated from The College of Naturopathic Medicine. Continuous training and further learning courses enable Clarissa to gain increased expertise, ensuring she is abreast of new findings and developments in the captivating scientific field of nutrition.

Having spent half a decade working in the corporate world of property marketing, Clarissa learnt first hand how stress and a lack of work-life balance can impact our health and wellbeing. Now she has swapped the daily grind, and taken her skill set and experience and turned a lifelong passion for health into a career.

When not offering workplace wellness workshops with Nutrigx, Clarissa helps private clients with their health and nutrition at her Harley Street clinic.